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Started the web site minutes after Robert Bowling played MW3′s “Hunter Killer” mission during E3′s livestream, the rest is history. Victor has an intense obsession with guns and anything related to the military. Devoted Call of Duty fan since the first Call of Duty. Born and raised in San Diego, California.

Keshav B – Co-Founder, Lead Writer, and Social Media Strategist

Keshav has been with CharlieINTEL and BravoINTEL from the beginning and devotes his time to the gaming community and delivering the very latest news to our visitors. Keshav is a technology enthusiast and an Apple fanatic.

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Peter M - Co-founder & Administrator

Peter is the co-founder and Administrator of Bravo INTEL. Peter is also the administrator for, a Call of Duty Blog and the founder of Peter has a major interest in gaming hardware and software and social networking.

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