SHOT Show 2012


For those that don’t know, the SHOT Show is an annual trade show event where every single weapon manufacturer get’s to introduce their new and exsisting products to the press and industry. The show is NOT open to the public and it’s impossible for the public to get into, however we were lucky enough to get a press pass to bring you all these great photos.

This is the same show that introduced the ACR, the Colt CM901 and also Magpul’s FNG-9 last year. This show might give us some insight on what we might expect in Infinity Ward’s next “Modern” title.



First-Person View Call of Duty Guns

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First-Person View Non-CoD Rifles

[nggallery id=150]


First-Person View Non-CoD Pistols

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Call of Duty Guns

[nggallery id=153]


Gun Racks

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[nggallery id=156]


SHOT Show Floor

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Military Gear

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